Your Time Is Your Responsibility

You are going to die. Maybe not today, probably not tomorrow and most likely not anytime soon.

But your death is a fact and there is zero sense in ignoring it.

Death is only scary of you do not possess self-acceptance.

You are the construct of your decisions. Things might not be fair for you and things will be difficult no matter where you come from or who you are.

You can choose the easy road or the simple road.

The easy road is paved with complaints, gossip, deflection, irresponsibility and lack of accountability.

The simple road is less traveled by. It is built on principles, integrity, faith, accountability, empathy, patience, forgiveness, vulnerability, self-reliance, self-awareness, kindness, essentialism and fortitude.

The simple road is often concealed in camouflage made up of distraction, fear, anxiety, anger, ego and guilt: giant flashing lights pointing you to the easy road!

What you choose to do with your free time, what you ingest, what you believe, what reality you design for yourself, your actions, your inactions all determine the quality of your life.

Eventually, no matter who you are or where you come from or what happens to you, the quality of your life becomes completely up to you and until you can accept this, you cannot be free to live as you were designed to live... or to be happy.

Understand this, friend!

The way to manage your time appropriately is to spend time, daily, on developing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Be present. Learn from the past (and then let it go). Have faith in your capacity to build a positive future, not a negative one.

It is not possible to be bored or stuck unless you have given up. Do not give up!

You were designed to live and die. Do not forget to live! Manage your time appropriately, for we all die as we have lived. Hugs.

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