Your Setbacks Can Set You Free

A bit like Morpheus sitting in front of Neo, in the 1999 cult classic film, The Matrix, "What if I told you, your pain will actually guide you to your happiness?"

The world (The Matrix?) is designing itself to make your life easier, but "ease" does not create happiness.

Neither does social media.

Or self-development articles like these.

In fact, a 76-year study found that happy people all have one thing in common: quality human relationships.

It is your pain that will shed light on your purpose, the process of growth, and how to cultivate, enjoy, or fondly remember truly significant relationships.

Bankruptcy can show you who really cares about you, that you are not your "things" and that in the ashes new opportunities can be born.

War creates bonds tighter than blood.

To go without food, water, or love and withstand genocide can give you your purpose.

Resistance builds strength. Scar tissue gives us the opportunity to rebuild. Wisdom is sown in the seeds of failure.

This is not a call for masochism, sadism or any other kind of "ism". The intent of these words is not to glorify pain and suffering, either.

Ugly things happen in the world, and ugly things happen to us. It does not mean we have to live ugly!

To have quality relationships (re: to be happy) we must first have quality relationships with our truth and with ourselves. And amazing relationships, like any good business, are built to grow.

Avoid "ease" in the important things. Resist The Matrix. Process your setbacks but do not wallow in them; when used correctly by you, your setbacks can set you free.

All I am offering is the truth, nothing more. You have to decide what it means... and what pill to swallow.

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