You're Not Screwed Up. Your Schedule Is...

Some of the most successful people we've ever met at The Essential Way Project are busy, but NEVER harried.

For these incredible folks, everything is put into a schedule and every scheduled activity produces a desired outcome.

Think deeply on this: "Everything is put into a schedule and every scheduled activity produces a desired outcome."

When life is hectic it does not necessarily mean our lives are hectic, it may just mean the organization of our lives is untidy. It's a systems issue that creates the confusion, sense of unease, energy drain or frustration not the time itself.

When you master your schedule you master the use of your time so everyone benefits from the FULL you.

This is a nice concept and these are nice words, but HOW can we establish more control over our schedule when we feel "strung out", overwhelmed, or just plain resigned to "it is what it is"?

1. Establish the VALUE of your time. We know a billionaire. When it comes to how he schedules his time it must fit THREE criteria: 1. Does it serve God? 2. Does it serve People? 3. Does it create disciples?

What VALUES do you place on your time? You MUST understand this if you are to take back control of your life so that we ALL may benefit from the TRUE you.

2. Pause. Learning a new habit is challenging. ALLOW for this! Take the time to consider HOW you will schedule your time. For instance, we personally run our entire schedule off of Google Calendar. It's not fancy. It works. This may work for you and this may not. What will? What will keep your schedule in ONE place for ease of use?

3. Play. Again, and we talk about this all the time at The Essential Way Project, stop taking things so seriously! Yes, your use of your time is VERY important, but it didn't get spun out in a day so it will not get fixed in a day. EXPERIMENT. Give yourself time to learn, to mess up, to implement different strategies until you find one that fits.

4. Be Selfish. This is a hard one for people to accept. Your schedule MUST serve you FIRST if you are going to continue having the energy to serve everyone else effectively, honestly and graciously. When you burn out, everyone suffers around you.

"No" is an answer and "No" doesn't have to be nasty. Try this simple response when your time is overtaxed, "I'm sure I'll be kicking myself later, but I cannot give you any time for this right now."

You are not responsible for other people's reactions to your authentic, compassionate Self.

5. Schedule time to "Work On My Schedule". Start simply. Put time into your schedule to "Work On My Schedule". Start with defining 3 to 5 VALUES. This will be your guiding criteria. All else will fall into place as you play, experiment, and practice.

Try these things for the next 90 days (3 months for the rest of your happy life).

Or don't. You choose.

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