Why You MUST Have A Physical Movement Practice

You were designed, as a biped, to move. This is not an admonishment or judgment of your current action or inaction.

This is an ask, of you by you. Are you happy?

Movement is action, action (learning what to do or not to do) is discovery. Discovery leads to progress.

When you place physical movement into your self-care practice, you become a better leader and a happier person.

That’s nice.

You also inoculate yourself against the free world’s biggest killer: heart disease.

That’s also nice.

But neither happiness nor physical health is what we are talking about today.

We are talking about your mental health; your spiritual growth; your mojo.

Movement invigorates the Spirit.

Movement provides a culture of self-expression, experimentation, self-reliance.

Movement builds self-esteem.

What kind of movement should you pursue? So many people trying to sell you things will advocate for what movement practice is “best”. Research wants to chime in. Your friends and family probably have their opinions too.

None of that is important. I'll say that again. None of that is important!

It is about what type of movement motivates YOU.

Michelle Segar, Ph.D. expresses the art of movement and motivation magnificently in her book, "No Sweat". If something is blocking you from movement, read her book!

Walk. Run. Spin. Bike. Swim. Cardio Class. CrossFit. Yoga. Powerlifting. Bodybuilding. Tai-Chi. Jiu-jitsu. Boxing. Kung-fu. Rucking. Gymnastics. Parkour. Dance. Sports. Whatever.

Seriously. Whatever.

If you can move, you must move.

Move a little bit, every day.

This does NOT need to be measured, journaled, reported, compared against some made-up yardstick or somebody else's journey, or placed under the magnifying glass.

It does not matter for how long each day you move (goals dictate need, and the need right now is simply to move daily in order to create inspiration, exploration, empowerment, creativity and gratitude).

Overthinking it is unnecessary.

Just start with something you enjoy or have a curiosity toward!

Your movement practice will develop over time: with consistency comes epiphany.

Too many people are letting themselves down. The way out is movement. 

Practice it. Enjoy it. Start today if you haven't already. Hugs.

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