Why I Win And How You Can Too

I don't always win the short game. In fact, it feels like there are more times I lose the short games than win them.

I'm not the strongest or the fastest. I'm not the smartest or the best looking.

So what am I talking about with "winning"?

I use everything I learn, in defeat or victory, to develop the Self. This does not mean I do not fall victim to disappointment, rumination and despair. It DOES mean I don't LIVE in these places.

I learn and let go... at least that it was what I am always TRYING to do.

In this manner I am always winning the long game of the Self.

Do I have short game wins? Yes! Do they feel good? Yes! Am I a bad person if I lose the game, or fail in the business, or write the post that nobody sees or likes? No!

I have decided to learn... so how can I lose? This mindset fills me with possibility, principle, faith and gratitude. It's just not always (in fact very rarely) a pretty path full of rainbows and unicorns.

What have you decided to do?

Can you still win when the world sees you lose?

Can you be humble? (Ironically the title of this post- also the title an email I sent to our Inner Circle- makes me cringe so bad I have to make a deeper dive to explain myself.)

Can you play the long game?

I talk about "the long game" on a podcast. You can watch or listen to it here.

I'm a lucky man and I really appreciate you being here. Thank you. Hugs.

Craig Hysell, Founder, The Essential Way Project

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