What You Are

You are a bundle of cells, nerves, organs, muscle, and skin; blood and water; brain and mind.

You are your circle of friends and what you repeatedly do... or don't do.

You are your hopes and dreams, your suffering and fears, and what you believe you can or cannot do.

You are what you choose to be and what you work (or don't work) to be, not necessarily what you say you want to be.

You are what you forgive and what you let fester; what you are grateful for and what you are angry with; what you care for and what you are careless with.

You are your genetics and what you choose to do with them.

You are what life hands you and what you make of it.

You are what you want to see in yourself: a miracle or a misfit, a somebody or a nobody, a person you can be proud of or a person who doesn't care.

You are what you choose to own and to ignore, what you are responsible for and what you make the responsibility of someone else.

You are not just the score, but how you play The Game.

This is who you are. Every day. All day.

So... who are you?


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