What "Type" Of Person Are You?

As humans, we like to quantify, classify, and maybe even objectify ourselves. Perhaps this is the nature of wanting to understand and trying to be better.

Beyond "typing" yourself with some specific "letter" or pigeonholing yourself to some specific classification, it might be beneficial to have a broader mindset in certain circumstances.

As humans we need accountability, guidance or a combination of the two when developing the Self.

The issue becomes when we try to label these needs as "good" or "bad" OR we try to make a particular need fit into every category of our lives.

You are not one-dimensional.

In some things you will need accountability: your need for the outcome (a paycheck or a victory for example) will keep you doing something you might not rather do at that time (go to work or go to practice).

In some things you will need guidance: your need for a result (a flatter stomach) will keep you hunting for the best way to do it (Keto? Paleo? Seven-Minute Abs?)

In some things you will need both: your need for a better relationship with your spouse will keep you going to a therapist (accountability + guidance) in order to communicate better.

Sometimes you need accountability in one aspect of your life (work) and guidance in another (working out). It is a matter of how you are flowing through your life with your dynamic Self.

What we are really talking about is the same thing we always talk about: self-awareness.

And what about how we or social media or pop culture or our friends, significant others, and parents want to label these needs? Do these needs really have to be "good" or "bad"? What dictates the positive or negative connotations of each?

In short, how are you determining your needs and how are you labeling the results? Because that's what matters most.

The longer we do not recognize, or worse, hide, from what we need, the more of our precious time we are wasting.

Own thyself. And pursue your needs, which are hardly ever one-dimensional, with vulnerability, patience, effort and grace. Hugs.

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