The Yoke Of Ownership

Successful ownership of something has rules.

Whether it's owning a business, owning your relationships or owning your actions; these rules are universally applicable.

These rules can sometimes feel like a burden (and sometimes they are), but it is the consistent undertaking of "the burden" that leads to all the blessings.

What are "the rules"?

1. Identify problems.

2. Experiment with solutions.

3. Weather criticism.

4. Watch. Listen. Serve. Learn.

5. Repeat.

Let's dig a bit deeper.

1. Identify problems. Things break... even if you're consistently engaged in maintenance efforts. Where did this thing break? Why?

2. Experiment with solutions. This is where most people get stuck and yet solutions are crucial to your ownership of the situation!

A complaint is the recognition that something is not working. No big deal. A complaint is only negative if the complaint is all that we are focused on.

People who own their issues ask the next logical question, "How do I/we fix it?"

Next, ask yourself, "Is fixing this problem within my span of control?" (If it isn't, why are you bothered by something you cannot change? You're wasting time. Change your mindset, not the issue.)

Finally, consider, "What's my best option to fix the problem, not the perfect one?" (There is no "perfect" option.) Pick the best option deliberately (work some qualitative and quantitative analysis) and try it: your solutions do not have to be written in blood or carved into stone. Experiment! And if others are involved let them know it's an experiment!

3. Withstand criticism. You have made a choice. There will be consequences. Everyone may not like your decision and you might not like their reaction to your solution. Before responding to criticism ask yourself, "Will what I want to do right now help anything?" Be mindful of your ego.

4. Watch. Listen. Serve. Learn. If you own your actions, and your actions are designed to serve what you are trying to take ownership of, you can operate with much less stress, much more joy, and much more success. Be patient. Keep your sense of humor.

5. Repeat. Your solution will undoubtedly create new and unforeseen problems. Begin the cycle again. This is The Way of things. It is part of The Process. It is not a big deal.

If you continue to practice your ownership in this way, eventually "the yoke" you carry will not be so heavy. It will become a tool you use to harvest your blessings. Practice.


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