The Secret Hack To Sustaining Motivation

Success feeds motivation. Momentum feeds motivation. A short-term focused challenge feeds motivation.

These things create motivation, motivation does not create these things.

So what happens when success is elusive, momentum is at a standstill and we cannot find a challenge that interests us? What happens when motivation is dead?

1. Motivation ebbs and flows for everyone. It is part of The Process. Do not panic. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Do not spend energy worrying about where "it" went. Accept it is a "time" or a "season" where motivation is not available. No big deal (if you practice #2...)

2. Become dependent on your habits, not feelings of motivation. It will be the nature of your habits that either drive you forward or hold you where you are. Build habits that create positive movement, instill work ethic and embrace grit. Rely on habits and discipline, never motivation. If this is difficult read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

3. Ask yourself, "What is the next thing that needs to be done?" Do it. What creates momentum? Action. Like Sisyphus you must push the rock.

4. Become self-reliant. You must learn how to control your mind and uplift yourself. Your physical movement practice is important. Your diet is important (re: not just what you eat, but what you read, listen to, watch, and who you surround yourself with...). Find the things in your life that raise your Spirits and build these things into your daily habits. To be consistent you need these things to be consistent.

It is not "magic". There is NO immediate gratification. Only the pleasure of watching the small details you are practicing daily slowly, ever so slowly, build a wonderful life.

5. Step back. Take a break. An intentional "time out" away from the strain and stress you create for yourself can work wonders on creating new avenues for solutions, energy and hope.

6. Re-focus. What do you want out of the next 12 weeks? Seriously. Pause (nothing is going to pass you by), sit down, step back, think and focus for a few hours. What do you want to happen in your life or business at the end of the next 3 months. Work backwards from this 3 month objective: What needs to happen each week for you to achieve what you want in 3 months? Write it down. Then, go get it, do it, crush it and enjoy it!

The secret hack to sustaining motivation is not to rely on motivation at all. Excellence is a habit, right? Build strong habits.

Keep leading!


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