The Power Of Having Nothing To Prove

The night before I wrote this, I posted on my Instagram (give me a follow!) page:

"I have nothing to prove to you. And so much to IMPROVE for me AND you.

The more you and I MOVE in life, the more we will learn to Move in ways that work best for us... And, if we're doing it right, those way that work best for us will inspire, help and serve others to find THEIR best as well.

This Way of life takes balls. Have some. Stand up, make a move, and get after it. We could use your best you, I promise.

Love you."

What I'd like to elaborate/share a bit more deeply (in the hopes you understand and can apply to your life further if it resonates) is this:

I used to hate myself.

I played lacrosse in college to prove I wasn't I failure to myself, my parents and my high school coach who chose not to play me my senior year; and, looking back, I have no idea if any of them thought I was truly a "failure" at all.

I got in bar fights in college and in my twenties to prove to myself and others that I was no longer able to be bullied. I got in more fights than I needed to. I became a bully.

I played rugby for 8 years to see if I could be better than the men standing across from me in one of the toughest sports in the world. I doubt almost any of them were there for the same selfish reason.

I started a business one year after going bankrupt during the recession to again prove to myself, and this time my wife, that I wasn't a failure. She never cared about any of that stuff... she loved me no matter what.

I used to do everything to prove something to myself and to "others" who literally had no idea what I was trying to prove to them.

Silly isn't it? Playing a game against somebody who doesn't even know what game you are playing? A waste of time and energy. (For me it actually created a vicious loop of negative energy.) Are you doing the same thing?

Because here is the way out of that nonsense:

Improve, share and serve. Improve, share and serve. Improve, share and serve.

If you make this your mantra or mission, you will get better, others will get better and there is nothing to prove: only work to be grateful for and results to cherish and enjoy.

Stop trying to prove yourself. I'll bet you're already pretty amazing.

Start working on IMPROVING yourself and sharing the ride with others.

You will go much further...

Still love you. Keep leading!


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