The Power In The Y.O.U. Check-Up

The Essential Way Project has a mission: to help the people who are busy helping everyone else.

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Busy people are, well, busy.

Productive is different than busy and the lines can blur.

There are many reasons busy people are busy: some of them are good and some of them are actually holding the busy person back from being productive.

Uh-oh. This is already sounding a bit messy, isn't it? Kinda like life can feel sometimes, right? Hold on, there's hope!

We can sort through all this efficiently and relatively quickly so busy people can be productive.

You just have to check in with Y.O.U.

The Y.O.U. is a quick check-up you should do each day for 30 days (set the habitual pattern) and then, as needed, throughout your year (you will get a feel for when your future Self needs to do this if you do this exercise for 30 days straight.)

Try doing the Y.O.U. Check-Up when you are relaxed, when you are stressed, in the shower, in the car, before bed, upon rising, etc. EXPERIMENT! And do not judge the results! Just keep is simple and keep going!

Below is the Y.O.U. Check-Up. Answer the following questions: (it will probably be vague, frustrating and difficult at first... which is why you need to do it for 30 days in a row).

Y: Why? Why am I here today? Why am I here this year? Why am I doing today's action(s) and where do I feel today's action(s) will lead me? Will lead those I serve?

O: Oh! What's going well? What do I enjoy? What am I grateful for? What is currently in my way on my path to my successful life?

U: You! Breathe deeply and visualize where you want to be, your problem(s) solved, your heart filled with love, peace, forgiveness; your life filled with kindness, openness, excitement and freedom; your desires met. Use this guided exercise if you struggle with visualization (and don't worry, the more you do it, the more it makes sense... and helps you tremendously!)

Re-focus your mission, your success, and your life in 30 days with a simple, super-powerful tool. Are you brave enough?

I hope so. The people you lead are counting on you. Hugs!

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