The Golden Rule 2.0

"Yes, but you're different than most people."

My wife used to say this to me all the time when I was coaching or running a business.

She would say this to me when I could not understand why people couldn't understand what I was trying to communicate.

...And her observations used to frustrate me.

I mean, how "different" could I be?

What am I doing so wrong, so outside the norm, so oddly that people just don't understand?

Glimmers of realization and truth would flicker inside my head, but then be shut down before I could let it all come to a full epiphany. I did not want the light to go on, because I did not want to be different back then, I wanted to be understood!

People were paying me their hard earned dollar to reach them and I wasn't doing a good job.

My Team at work was all over the place... because I couldn't understand what they didn't understand.

And then, one day, many years ago, the flickering light bulb shone like the full-on Bat Signal and my peace was rescued.

The Golden Rule is not "treat others as you would like to be treated".

The Golden Rule is "treat others as they would like to be treated"!

Some clients learn better by reading, others by doing, others by watching, others by tactile cues, and still others by a combination of these.

Some Teams listen better when they know The Plan and understand that you have their best interests at heart (which means, when you're the boss, you have to listen to them first.)

Our job, when we communicate with others, is to figure out how they want to be treated... and then treat them that way.

This means you must let go of your ego, ask questions, and always give the benefit of the doubt.

This is hard at first.

Until you realize the incredible universe this concept opens up.

Practice. Be kind; both to yourself and to others. Hugs.

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