The Fantastic Fortune Of Failure

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Everyone likes to win. Few have learned how to lose. As Bruce Lee said, "To learn to die, is to be liberated from it."

Each time we fall short, it gives us the opportunity, sometimes painfully, to learn something. Pain helps us remember what NOT to do.

Goals, set up on arbitrary timelines of our own construction, when mapped over the practically timeless vastness of the universe are both inspiring and ridiculous. How many times have people disengaged from living a full life because they didn't meet a goal?

Is that what a goal is for? To make your life WORSE if you fail to hit it? There is SO MUCH amazing knowledge to be learned through failure, how can one possibly call it failing?

Even in success there is NO perfection! Every success is peppered with misses, mistakes and failures!

The paradox is simple: if you learn how to lose, you can't lose. No matter what the scoreboard says, you can come away with helpful lessons you can apply to the next run.

Life is not summed up by quantitative or qualitative means alone: they must integrate with each other to give a robustness to the story. And even then, the meaning is up to us to decide.

"Failure" applies even to death. We are all going to die. And, if you consider dying as losing, how you meet your inevitable death from a mental, emotional and spiritual standpoint, can give you your final win.

Be a person of growth until the end of your time here. Share what you learn through your mistakes and be strong in your capacity for vulnerability. This will give you perspective and perspective will give you faith, courage, fortitude, empathy, patience, a sense of humor, and satisfaction.

If you want these things, and you do not fear failure, The Essential Way might be the right plan for you! Subscribe to our Inner Circle here. Hugs.

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