The Argument For Hiring A Coach

The first three years I owned a gym, I had a piece of paper taped under my desk that brushed my leg every time I sat down. It read: “A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself.” - Bruce Lee

I believe in coaching. I have had some wonderful (and not so wonderful) coaches in my life. They all have shown me a better Way to my Own Path.

So, what's a coach? To me, it is best encompassed by the Bruce Lee quote above: a coach is a Guide who serves you and the journey you have selected. To others it is perhaps more basic... or more complicated.

A coach can share with you what may be a better Way for you to perform, train, operate or live. But YOU have to choose what is best for you; to listen or not listen, to act or not act.

Why do you need a coach?

1. You're too close to the project. While you need to "do you", it's hard to do you when you're wrapped up in yourself. Supplying yourself with your literal needs (food, shelter, clothing, water, re: a paycheck) and helping others (family, friends, co-workers, community) can often leave you with little energy to supply yourself with your other physical or psychological needs (progress, belief, feeling desired, feeling challenged, feeling content.)

Outside perspective is often crucial to unwrapping progress and navigating our maze of wants, emotions, thoughts, and challenges. A great coach often resembles a therapist... or at least interaction with them is therapeutic, aiding in the acquisition of clarity, hope, answers, asking better questions, and actualizing our potential.

2. You don't have the skill set or the knowledge to move to the next level. You don't know what you don't know and sometimes, no matter how many Google searches you do and YouTube videos you watch, you don't know how to access the next level. Choosing a coach who is already standing where you want to be is extremely helpful in navigating the journey.

3. You value your time. Perhaps you could figure it out all on your own given enough time and study, but where is your time best spent; doing what you do best or trying to teach yourself everything you don't know?

4. You're stuck. Maybe you're stuck physically or emotionally. Maybe you feel stuck in your career choice. Maybe you feel stuck in terms of how you can continue to grow and challenge yourself as a human being. Maybe you're asking yourself, "What if this is it?" A coach can help shake up your habits and your systems to access the "more" you are searching for.

5. You need accountability. Some people just need someone to answer to and hold them to their pursuit of a desired outcome. Putting "skin in the game" and hiring a coach with your hard earned dollar is a fantastic way to stay on The Path when it gets difficult to do so. A coach can help you minimize energy drains, focus on the next best result, and keep your irons in the fire.

6. You're simply curious. You might be asking yourself, "What could a coach do for me?" Having a chat with one may be a super interesting experiment. Maybe you can start tapping into unseen potential or finally begin putting a solid foundation under that dream of yours. Who knows what can happen when you invest in yourself beyond material goods!

Interested in talking to a Coach? Schedule a free call here. Until next time...

Keep Chopping.


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