The Answers You're Looking For

There's a secret to finding "answers".

Many of us believe that answers lie in things like prayer, meditation, books, conversations, experts, courses, instructors, coaches, gurus, etc.

This is not the case.

There is revelation and possibility in these things, not answers. The tools above are of extreme importance and to disregard them is the way of a fool. They are undoubtedly important. But to believe in these tools more than you believe in the capacity of your Self is misguided.

You work the tool, the tool doesn't work you. It serves you and your mission.

The answer is in you.

If it was not, then everyone who prayed, meditated, read, was educated by the instructor, or listened to the expert would come to the same conclusion regarding their life. There would be an exact blueprint on how to live successfully and everyone would follow it to the letter.

Is there truly such a thing?

Of course not! What works for the one or the many, will not work for all.

There are unhappy rich people, bountiful poor people, tortured celebrities, and blissful people who live in anonymity.

Nothing of anything matters unless it matters to you. You are your answer. All the rest is worldly wisdom and how you decide to apply it.

You need to understand both. Conor McGregor sums this up very neatly... and notice the help he needed in order to uncover the revelation...

It is not neat. It is not easy. The work is never done.

And, when it is clicking, you will feel it. Keep leading.


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