The 5 Actions

If you follow me an Instagram, you may have caught me talking about "the four actions", but in truth, there are five. What are they?

Inaction. To exist yet not to move, as a boulder might.

Random Action. To move without thought or care, as a lottery ball might.

Exploratory Action. To move with the purpose of discovery, as a forager might.

Negative Action. To make a move with a negative result, as the drunk driver who caused the accident might.

Positive Action. To make a move with a positive result, as hugging your child might.

These actions are actions you choose and these are actions that can happen to you. They all have a place.

Consider them openly and honestly. Do not paralyze yourself with too many options. Movement is medicine.

Choose wisely and with forgiveness. Practice. Learn. Enjoy The Process.



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