The 3 Requirements To Experience Being "Present"

In many circles, books, and communities you may hear that "being present" is the Way to feeling more full, content, alive, and joyful. At the Wellness Groove we have found that to be true.


The issue becomes one of placement when it comes to being present. As most of us can agree, reflection and planning also create a more well-rounded being. How do we remain in the moment and build off our moments too?

1. Placement matters. You can be completely present in reflection and completely present in the planning of your future moments if you make time for these actions and only these actions. That means you schedule a time each day for reflection and you schedule a time each day for planning. If you stick to the schedule and leave yourself some wiggle room (Reflection: 6am. 10-20 minutes) you have gotten out front of the issue, uncomplicated these matters, placed them in spots you can manage and allowed them some room to flow.

2. To recharge, unplug. Social media is powerful. Email is powerful. Your phone is powerful. Feeling wanted and needed and doing something that people respond to is powerful. It can become addictive. You must step away from your devices. This is the perfect time to put your phone on airplane mode, leave it in the car, the office, or the house and go for a walk, a cup of coffee or tea, a workout, a chat with a real live human being or simply some stillness on a park bench.

3. Listen. To be in the moment, listen. Listen without needing to speak in return. Listen without wanting to do anything more than drink in the information. Listen to the breeze tickling the leaves, the birds singing, the conversations going on around you, or the person speaking to you. What is actually going on? What is the person or nature really trying to say? This takes a lot of practice. Do not get frustrated... frustration is an indication of not being present. Listen to understand, and you will be more understood.

Perhaps some of this is profound to you. Perhaps these are pleasant reminders. Perhaps these make no sense to you and you don't agree.

But, if you took the time to read this article, and it caused you to be here, now for a few moments, then we did our job together today didn't we?

Enjoy your moments. The next ones aren't promised.


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