Stop Doing This...

Are you treating yourself like a building? A machine?

You are dynamic, a building is static.

You are intricate, emotional, physical, rational and... irrational. A machine, no matter how "smart", artificially intelligent, or complicated, still does not FEEL things the way you can.

So why are you looking for a "blueprint" then? Blueprints are for buildings and machines, not humans.

The basics for a healthy human system are simple: breath, water, nutrition, movement, rest.

The basics for wellness and vitality are just as simple: purpose, hope, challenge, mental clarity, self-awareness, adaptability, fortitude, and spiritual fulfillment.

Health and wellness are not independent of one another, they are inter-dependent on one another.

There isn't a "blueprint" for these things. Such promises are well meaning catch-phrases at best and outright marketing lies at worst.

The basics of health, wellness, and vitality are a set of principles that can be approached in an infinite number of ways; "simple" in their terms and complicated in both approach and actualization.

Moreover, what practice or paradigm that works for one (or some) to achieve health, wellness and vitality, does not work for all. Getting to these states is as flexible and dynamic as the human species is.

This is exciting, dramatic, passionate and inspiring! It is THE BEST of who we humans are!

We needlessly upset our equilibrium when we try to fit where we don't belong instead of experiment with where we fit and learn/accept/explore what fits to us.

Likewise, demanding that what works for us must then work for everyone else is more than just folly, it's fascism and tyranny. Again, a waste of time, energy, and spirit. Happy people don't practice absolutism.

(Even us here. There are happy people who don't have, or cannot move, their arms and legs, don't have mental clarity, are indifferent to self-awareness, and don't get enough rest. The above statements on health, wellness, and vitality at the beginning of this article are generally true, not always true. Which makes people mad who want things to be delivered in neat little perfect boxes... that resemble buildings... or machines...)

Lastly, ignoring our wellness to create the appearance of health and vice versa is sure to cause undue misery, angst and friction.

We can learn from history. We can learn by modeling. We can learn by experimenting, investigating, researching, listening, teaching, and playing.

The more you learn, the more you come to understand that there is no "one" Way. There is no blueprint, no physical set of "plans" that work for all of us.

"Don't think. FEEL. It is like finger pointing a way to the moon. Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory." - Bruce Lee

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