Rethinking Your "Backup Plan"

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Many successful people from all walks of life abide by the idea of NOT having a "Plan B" as it distracts from "Plan A".

Arnold has it.

Oprah has it.

Conor has it.

In the fire service, we have Plan B, Plan C, Plan D... and so on. Lives are at stake and rigidity kills.

So what's the right answer?

The only way to be successful in this life is to be absolutely clear on this principle: You MUST map your morality into your actions.

In the fire service, the goal is to save life, stabilize the incident and conserve as much property as possible. That is THE global, moral order of the job. How the job is accomplished varies from situation to situation and moment to moment.

So... the dichotomy of "the plan" is this: we need to get the job done, and we must be flexible in how we do it. There is NO back up plan to our moral order and, yet, there are as many backup plans as it takes to achieve success.

Do you understand?

Look closer.

None of the people first mentioned in this article lived without adversity. How they overcame this adversity varied from person to person and moment to moment. They had to re-map their plan over and over and over and over again with as many backup plans as it took to see their moral obligation to themselves (Plan A) through to its completion.

The goal, always, is to understand yourself and where you want to go.

The work, always, is to keep going until you get there.

The riddle, always, is there is more to be done so be grateful for the present moment and strive daily to enjoy the entire ride; or your "wins" will be empty.

Where do you want to end up and how do you see yourself arriving there, morality intact? That's Plan A.

Now engage in as many backup plans as it takes to succeed.


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