Remove The Option

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Your life expands or contracts according to the depth of your decisions.

Imagine going to a restaurant and finding a menu that had every dish ever made available to you. How thick would this menu be? How heavy? How ridiculous to leaf through?

How expensive would the meal have to be to maintain the size necessary for the kitchen to accommodate every worldly item necessary to appease anyone at anytime with any meal they wanted during the restaurant's hours of operation?

How clunky, inefficient, wasteful and impossible is an idea such as this?

How good would the food actually be if the one cooking the food can never take the time to truly understand the principles of the dish because they are so focused on needing to learn all the dishes?

Such a menu is about breadth, not depth. Judging success on breadth alone is misguided, immature and toxic.

So why on earth does one need 500+ channels to watch, voluntarily request endless videos and messages to incessantly scroll through, or possess the need to either be right or ostracize anyone who disagrees?

A life worth living is about less but better. It is about the depth of your relationships, not the amount of people you know or who "follow" you.

To get to depth, "remove the option".

Remove the options that take up too much of your time for no real pay off.

Remove the option to give up, to crawl back into bed, to tell people "yes" when you really want to say, "No, thank you."

Remove the options that you have found do not work for you.

Remove the option to expand for expansion's sake and seek intentionality instead. Why expand? How much time will this expansion take? What is the trade-off? How will you benefit?

Remove the option to engage in people, thoughts and circumstances that are negative and ineffective.

Remove the option to be a victim, to be impatient or to be angry.

Remove some menu items and watch your joy grow. It is a discipline, a mindset. It takes practice. Be kind to yourself when applying this principle.

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