Putting Yourself First Is NOT Selfish

Putting yourself first is not selfish IF you are using your "me" time to be better for those around you.

When the plane is going down, who's air mask are you instructed to put on first?

Letting everyone in front of you in traffic is just as silly as letting no one in front of you: the goal is maximizing flow so we can all get where we want to go as seamlessly as possible, not to be a martyr or to take things personally, isn't it?

If you constantly give away all your water and food to everyone else who is hungry or thirsty around, what happens to you? You die. Think on this metaphorically as well (for the same is true of you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually: if you give away all that nourishes your Spirit to others before you have had a chance to use it, these things in you die as well).

How do we use our "me" time to create a better person who is more capable of compassion, gratitude, patience, and service?

First, audit yourself. And do it in dramatic fashion so you understand it.

Put the imaginary gun to your head and ask yourself, "If this was the last six weeks I was alive, would I die proudly, lovingly, and happily?"

Answer the question, "What do I want to be?"

Only by living your truth will you be free to create the impact you desire for others.

We are all in the customer service business, and if we do not take care of our personal business there is no service to provide (at least nothing truly worthwhile or able to last in the long game.)

We are talking about souls! You must begin with caring for your own first! It is the only way to be hardy enough for the Journey.

Do these 5 things for yourself each day (the order, the time, the method, the "what", the "how" does not matter. Do them. Daily. In some small way, shape, or form. The more you do, the better you will get at it... and the more you can use it to help others.)

1. Find yourself

2. Understand yourself

3. Develop yourself

4. Create yourself

5. Enjoy yourself

Doing these things daily will, eventually, give you the ability to love yourself. You will automatically create self-awareness, self-reliance, self-esteem, beauty, hope, gratitude, fortitude, peace and courage.

And you will have the abundant desire to share it all with others. We're waiting for the real you, friend. You've got this. Hugs!

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