On "Spin"

It is easy to get caught up in the spin of things. The day spins. The earth spins. The solar system spins. The galaxy spins. Spin is natural.

The key is, like any great dancer, to spin without getting dizzy, without losing control, to be at one with the spin: accepting it without getting lost in it.

Our life has spin. The media has spin. Our social circles have spin.

We can create drama where there is none (or shouldn't be so much) in order to feel like we are a part of something meaningful.

We can let the "gravitational pull" of someone else's spin cause us to lose ourselves, sometimes magically (love) and sometimes painfully (gossip or bullying).

We can get swept up in forces of nature, causes, movements, and rebellions just as much as we can be oppressed by them.

While it is the nature of things to spin, it is in the beauty of human nature that we have the possibility to find stillness within in it. To learn what to accept, what to consider, what to surrender, and what to control.

Some people like to manipulate spin. Others like to be spun up. And still, others, understand that spinning is inevitable, but they control the degree of their own inner spin cycle.

Where are you spinning too? What is necessary? What is not? What do you do that is in your way?


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