Not Self Improvement, This Instead

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Self improvement is an act.

Self development is a process.

A process is a discipline; an endless cycle of observation, thought and action.

An act can be impulsive.

A process, by it's very definition, is a series of actions taken to meet a deliberate end. To get to where you want to go, you have to know where you want to end.

Tyler Durden, the supremely interesting if not maniacal philosopher/essentialist in the movie "Fight Club", says "Self improvement is masturbation." Self improvement feels good and it feels like you're doing something... but there is zero lasting connection of "the dots".

Self improvement is addictive, useless and not just a "millennial" thing. The current generation is a product of the generation before it. (Us!) Any fault of the next generation is a fault of our own.

It is not about improvement, it is about evolving happily. This is development and it is a much deeper enterprise honoring exactly the amount of work you put into you.

Self improvement is for amateurs.

Self development is for servant leaders, warrior poets, and the truly joyful.

If you're seeking self development then The Essential Way might be just the place for you! Subscribe to our Inner Circle here. Hugs.

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