Make The Time, Protect Your Time

Some people say that "without a plan you are planning to fail."

Other people say, "No plan survives contact with the enemy."

And still others believe that "a plan is a list of things that doesn't happen."

So what gives? What's the truth?

Wrong question. "What's your truth in this moment?"

Time has a say. Fate has a say. Your wants and needs have a say. "The Enemy" has a say. This is the truth, isn't it? This ebbs and flows doesn't it?

Hard and fast rules can crush you.

Steadfast principles and values can save you. These virtues keep you on the course of deliberate practice, mindful management and essential movement.

So how can you make the time you need and protect the time you have?

Be intentional in what you want for yourself and remain flexible in its application.

You cannot save them if you are broken, stressed or unhealthy.

You cannot have more than one priority at a time and be effective when it comes to execution.

You cannot always say "yes" and still have energy for everything you have agreed to.

You cannot be in harmony with yourself if you do not know yourself or cannot stand up for yourself.

And a little bit of intentional time use and time management can go a long way.

Five minutes of squats or lunges is a good workout. Ten minutes is a cup of coffee or tea and the writing of blog post or the reading of a few pages from a good book.

Sharing a meal with your family, device free, builds equity in trust and communication so that the roots are strong when you will want or need them most.

Empathetically asking your co-worker, "How's it going?" in passing can be much more effective than a 30 minute meeting.

What do you want?

Then, what will you do with your time to earn it a little bit each day?

Then, how can you adapt your schedule to effectively manage the time it takes to earn what you want?

All of this is an experiment. But an experiment without knowing what you are testing is not an experiment, it's a frustration: haphazard at best and absolutely useless (a waste of time) at worst.

Take some time today to ask yourself, "What do I want? What do I have to adjust in my schedule to earn it a little bit each day? What times in the day is it easiest for me to do my own thing as opposed to when I have to be flexible and of service to others?"

Time is our great constant: we are all equal in how much time we get each day. Use it intentionally.


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