It's Time To Come Clean.

Updated: May 22

We are all "works in progress". We all get lost. We all make mistakes. We all fail... some of us while daring greatly. It means what you decide it means.

We all have demons. We all fight labels, stigma and our past. We can all be selfish and unselfish, heroic and criminal, bold and small. It is what you decide it is.

We all can love and we all can hate, both can consume us until there is nothing left of us.

What is the remedy for all this confusing tumult that can ravage the Self?

Time. When you are emotional, pause. Is what you are about to do helpful to the situation or merely an attempt to soothe your fractured ego?

Resilience. Life is tough and unfair. You can accept this as "part of the deal, The Test" or cry out "poor me" to an uncaring universe. It is resilience that will bring you peace.

Principles. Some call this philosophy or religion or self-governance. Your principles and your values are your compass. Without them you are nothing more than a pawn, a leaf on a breeze.

Acceptance. You are not perfect. Things will be hard. People will disagree with you. Life will get in the way of your plans. This is true for all of us. What of it?

Service. Not sure what to do? Help someone. In doing so you will help yourself.

Firmness. Not hostility. Not the inability to adapt. Not harsh. Not unfair nor brash. But firm. Firm in logic, reason, benefit of the doubt, the art of listening, compassion, work ethic, principles and liberty.

Forgiveness. This is a most selfish act, for when you free others from transgression you are actually liberating yourself from your need to carry their pain... and your own.

Physicality. To remain physically capable is to remain independent in both mind and action, to remain confident and free, to remain bold. Train.

Sunshine. You were meant to feel nature, to respect it, to draw from it and give back to it. In the ray of the sun is the touch of Creation.

Gratitude. To be thankful is to be open to the gifts of the present, the lessons of the past and the optimism that drives a future worth building.

Action. Ideas are empty without action. Devote yourself to this concept: observe, think, act, repeat.

Love. It is love that saves us from self-destruction, tyranny, fear, injustice, loathing, bigotry, and the enemy within.

Whether you are just waking up, starting a new business, bouncing back from a pandemic, in the dove tail of a relationship, whatever... each day is an opportunity to begin again; to reflect and move; to breathe and feel.

A numb mind feeds a sick Spirit. Gather yourself. Seize the day, friend! Act! How many days do you have left?

You've got this. Even if it's not always easy, you are strong enough. If you believe it to be true.


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