How To Win The Game Of Life

So many people sell "the hack" on winning at life. I don't have a hack for you. I have the truth.

If you want to win you must simply, and infinitely, put in the reps. That's it.

The more reps you put in the more you will learn about yourself, about others, about what matters and what doesn't, about The Game, The Process, and The Truth.

Putting in the reps takes courage, faith, gratitude and discipline.

Reps. Reps. Reps.

Reps when you are happy. Reps when you are tired. Reps when you are passionate. Reps when you are bored.

Reps when you're frustrated, cheated, hungry, and weak.

Reps when you're at the top, satisfied, gifted, and soaring.

Reps when everything is going great. Reps when nothing seems to go right.

Reps when you feel unmotivated. Reps when you feel empowered.

Reps when you are grieving, in pain, and depressed.

Reps when you're afraid, angry, and hurt.

Reps when you are obsessed, emboldened, and laughing.

Reps when it all makes sense.

Reps when none of it makes sense.

Reps are the gift you give yourself. Never, ever quit on the reps. This is the Chop Wood, Carry Water mentality.

As we sow, so we reap. What are you gathering around you and within you? Hugs.

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