How To Tell People You Are Changing Your Life

Some of us want to get better and some of us don't know how to tell the others in our circle of friends, family or co-workers what we are trying to do.

Sometimes, our quest for self-improvement rattles the people around us.

How can you break the news that you'll be changing some old habits and creating some new ones?

1. Prepare your mind and Spirit for some people in your circle of influence to be upset with you. Some people fear change, any change. Some people in your current inner circle may not want you to improve due to fear of losing you, jealousy, bitterness, frustration, or a host of other factors that don't have anything to really do with you. They might be angry, loud, point out all your failings, scoff at your ideas, call you a hypocrite, ask if you think they are better than them.

Prepare for this by simply saying to yourself, "I've made up my mind to be better for me, for them, and for my one shot at this life."

2. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Be compassionate. To have things you've never had you must do things you've never done. You may lose some people in your life. It's okay, and just because it is lost for now doesn't mean it's lost forever.

3. Say something like this:

"I've been thinking about this for a long time. I haven't been living true to myself in awhile. I deserve a better version of me and so do my family, my friends, and the people I work with. I know this can be a bit scary or unnerving for you. It is for me too! But I could really use your help and support over these next few months while I try to be the person I want to be for me and for you. Thanks for considering it."

The more open you are, the more the world will open for you.

Everyone might not agree with you or support you, but if you're living true to yourself in an open, kind, and grateful way you'll be deeply surprised about how much the world helps you win.

Energy loves to gather more of the same energy.


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