How To Find The Meaning Of Your Life

In general, people who struggle to find meaning in their life, might not be looking in the right place. What if the goal of your life wasn't to find its meaning, but to create it?

These are two massively different mindsets.

Finding something usually means it is somewhere outside of you.

Creating something means it comes from within you.

Look around you. Look at the people you believe are happy. What have they done that you cannot do? From an honest, extrinsic factor possibly quite a lot. You might not be built to become a pro athlete, a singer, a scientist, a special forces operator, a charismatic entrepreneur, a successful philanthropist, whatever...

If you look, extrinsically, at others you might believe that being happy (like you think they are) or having the life you think they have is not possible for you to attain.

However, if you look intrinsically, at what these models of success have, you see that you too can create that kind of mindset, power and passion within you.

You too can create habits of discipline, work ethic, mindfulness, focus, persistence, and optimism.

You too can keep trying, keep building, keep getting torn down only to rise stronger with your newfound wisdom.

You too can live with confidence, self-reliance, kindness, drive, courage, consideration, empathy, faith and love.

Create the values that bring satisfaction and then live them! In this way, from the inside out, you will create success! You will not have "found" yourself, you will have built yourself.

To create a life worth living takes daily attention, bravery and action. What kind of life are you creating for yourself today?


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