How To EMBRACE Change

The times don't change, people do.

There have always been hard times and bright spots, moments of despair and moments of enlightenment, pain and joy. In this way, now is no different than things have always been "back then".

Perhaps you wanted to believe you're above the indifference of nature, that you are at the top of the food chain. And now you know that was silly. This has never been true and it never will be.

You want to believe you have a say. And you do, perhaps just not in the way you pretended.

You want to believe what mattered still matters. Maybe it does or maybe you finally see what matters the most.

You want to believe your wants hold value. Now you know it is what you do that is valuable, not just what you want.

If anything, the reminder of our fragility and our ridiculous impossibility to exist in this universe can be a tremendous, and sometimes painful or heart-wrenching, gift.

Now you know that your time is not all yours.

You are borrowing it, it can end at any moment, and it is up to you to do the most you can with what you have in the time allotted: this is the only way to die well.

This is a great gift! Self-awareness leads to progress and progress leads to happiness!

Treat yourself (philosophically, mind you) as if you were your own doctor.

A doctor has a practice and before a doctor prescribes anything to their patients they observe, ask questions, listen, train, study, think, consider and experiment intelligently.

A doctor, a good one anyway, invests in their practice, in themselves, in their craft; all in the name of being the best they can be for those they serve.

What is your practice? What is your craft? Who are you and who do you want to become? Who do you serve?

Consider these questions deeply. Invest in yourself! And then move.

Your medicine is movement. Movement of your body, movement of your mind, movement towards intelligent solutions (of which there is no perfect one).

Movement relieves stress. Movement empowers you. Movement creates opportunity, gives you a chance, and can sometimes turn defense into offense.

How can your movement serve others? Serve your vision? Serve your Spirit? Knowing these answers will make the hard work of moving easier to do.

How can you move essentially and righteously within the limits of your current space? There is always a way. Ask questions. Experiment with answers.

Everything costs something. What is your shot at a good life worth? What are you willing to pay in time, sweat, and study? What are you willing to create, adjust, amend, attack, forgive, give up, or give in to?

What will you do?

Write your own "quality of life" prescription and then follow through courageously and intelligently. Do this daily. Adjust as necessary.

In this way, and only this way, is your life yours. The rest isn't up to you. Focus. This is the truth.

This is a practice.


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