How Strong Are You REALLY?

There are many metrics for shows of physical strength: weight, reps, time, contests, competitions, BMI (sort of), etc.

We can (generally) get a good idea of how strong we physically are with a quick look around the gym, entering a competition, or inputting a few keystrokes on an app, right?

For many people, being strong is sexy.

It's also highly likely that no one ever said, "I wish I was weaker" and meant it.

However, does being strong of body mean we are well in mind, spirit... or even body?


This is not a call to bash strength. We LOVE strength at The Essential Way Project. This is a plea to understand the multi-dimensional uses, practices and tests of well-rounded strength!

Are you, as an adult, in control of your emotions?

Do a tend a grateful spirit or a hateful one?

Are you who want to be, especially when things aren't going your way?

When you are cut off in traffic, when you are turned down for promotion, when your spouse or children want your attention and you're exhausted, how do you respond?

When you're too tired to workout, when things get difficult in your relationships, when you have to think critically or adapt to a unique, unforeseen situation, how do you respond?

When you feel like you have to say "yes", but you really want to say "no", when you struggle to do your duty, when you want it to be everyone else's fault but yours, how do you respond?

See... these are some examples of the little mental/emotional/spiritual "strength" tests we get tossed in front of us every single day, don't we?

It matters very little how strong our bodies are if we are not physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy, does it?

(If you're a sports fan or fight fan, how often do you see the "buff" team or fighter overcome by a seemingly physically weaker one in possession of more emotional fortitude, fighting spirit and grit? Remember "the little engine that could"?)

We believe, strongly (come on, that's punny), in developing multi-dimensional strength at The Essential Way Project. You don't always have to be the strongest (in truth, you're not going to be), but you have to practice, you have to play, you have to develop, and learn from your mistakes.

In this way we can be strong of body, well in mind and spirit, and a beacon for those who love us and depend on us.

They deserve it don't they? Don't you? Hugs.

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