How Leaders Must Find The Time

"Am I being busy or am I being productive, right now?"

When I owned a gym, I spent years 5 and 6 in our operation being "busy".

Things were humming smoothly so I inadvertently turned my attention to the seductive ease of irrelevant minutiae, and both me (and not surprisingly our business) lost its way.

I looked up one day and realized, for almost two years, that I hadn't really done anything, even though I was still working my tail off.

Our gym got back on track when I started producing with my work again.

Busy is an illusion, production drives success.

How can we know the difference between them?

In business, you are producing if what you are doing drives your company's culture or sales productively and, if you operate as a Leader, in ways that can eventually run without you.

In your personal life, you are producing if what you are doing is strengthening your relationship with yourself or with others.

I encourage you, when you cannot "find the time" to pause and inventory your actions.

True, it is simple to just "make the time" but it's not always easy and to be honest, it's not always possible if the individual doesn't see the difference between "busy" and "production".

To just "make the time" isn't always fair to the person who is actually trying very hard to make the time.

There needs to be a tool we can use to hack through the muddled path.

That tool just might be the question: "Am I being busy or am I being productive right now?"

If you are being busy, forgive yourself (we all do it), reorganize, let people in on your discovery, tell them how things are changing, change your busy ways to productive work and get on with the righteous effort driving your life.

Great job! Hugs.

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