Feel Stuck? Here Are 5 Ways To Get Unstuck

Ever been stuck in traffic, bogged down in the mud, or found yourself in a cramped space and starting to freak out?

Part of life is feeling stuck, trapped, caught or held back. But are you actually stuck?

Here are 5 points to consider when you feel the weight of the situation closing in:

1. Ask yourself, "What can I do differently?" Simple, right?

But how many of us keep doing the same thing, repeating the same motions, and going through the same habits wanting a different result?

What's one small thing you can experiment with in this moment to improve the situation?

2. Do nothing. Sometimes, not doing anything at all, not moving, not reacting, not responding, is the way to improve the situation.

How will you know? Put a clock on it.

Did it get worse in X amount of time? No... okay, give it a longer set of time.

Did it get worse during that longer, second set of time? No? Then is it really an issue?

Monitor it until you are convinced it is no longer a threat.

3. Change your mindset. We speak about this extensively. Does it have to bother you? How can you use it to your advantage?

Viktor Frankl shares how this tactic helped him not only spiritually survive a Nazi death camp, but how it changed his life and the lives of millions in his book Man's Search For Meaning.

If this philosophy could work for Frankl's situation, can it work for you?

4. Focus on what is right. A lot of times when we feel stuck we focus on what is wrong. Step back. Look around.

How could it be worse?

What's going right?

Ask yourself, "How can I improve the situation?"

Questions open your mind, statements close it. Ask questions!

5. Ask for help. We all need help. All of us.

That's why you do what you do isn't, it? To help people!

Even the people at the top, ESPECIALLY the people at the top, the LEADERS, need help.

Asking for help is a sign of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and strength.

Don't be shy, be honest, concise with the result you are seeking and innovative.

Sometimes as a Leader you may feel alone. You're not. You have friends here. And they are going through the same things you are. Promise.

Keep leading!

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