Elective Suffering Is YOUR Secret Weapon

Your happiness hinges on progress and to progress you MUST challenge yourself.

Choosing misery, staleness, gossip, anxiety and victimhood severely limit your potential for joy.

This is common sense, right? And yet many of us choose these things day in and day out. I do sometimes, maybe you do too.

Bad things can happen to us. (Luck plays its part for all of us.) It is okay to process the emotions that come along with feeling or being unlucky sometimes.

But many people, over time, have learned to turn the worst day of the life into the best day of their life. WHAT POWER!

"Elective Suffering" trains you to strengthen your resolve, understand your potential, grow your confidence with gratitude and grace, and deepen your self-awareness.

Elective Suffering is about choosing productive difficulty in order to develop yourself. It is NOT masochism, it is self-love and intention at its zenith.

Maybe your Elective Suffering hinges on being nicer, more patient and less angry.

Maybe it hinges on challenging yourself in the gym or in your diet.

Maybe it's about creating a little bit more time for yourself and your family and a little bit less time for everyone else.

What is holding you back from being happy? Go and begin the actions necessary to fix it. Be nice to yourself along your journey.


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