Does It NEED To Be Black And White?

"What could be driving this person's thoughts and behaviors?"

"What are driving my thoughts and behaviors?"

How many of us ask ourselves these questions when discussing matters with like-minded people? Or debating matters with those who have differing viewpoints?

How many times are we the polarizing force?

How many times are we responsible for the breakdown, the impasse, the drama?

How many times do we demand to be heard and heeded without listening to the other side, first?

Why are our ways, ideas, methods, and principles, right?

If we want the world to be exactly as we demand it should be all the time, are we not exactly like the egotistical tyrants we find ourselves shaking our fingers at?

There are many colors in the world. (Black and white are but two of them.) We should consider all of them before we make up our minds and closing ourselves in our box.

Most of us do not want to go to prison. But how many of us live in a dark, dingy, close-minded cell by our own design?

Leave the dark and narrow boxes to coffins. Plenty of time for that later.

Something to think about, friends. Onward!

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