Do Not Consume, Nourish

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Scrolling, flipping, experimenting, grazing, these all have a place. You SHOULD do these things. It is when these things drift toward the margins of mindless engagement that you should pull back and reassess with a simple question:

"Is what I'm doing nourishing me?"

Nourishment of the mind, body and spirit is you taking care of you. It is situational awareness, self awareness and consumer awareness all rolled up into one concept: is this making my life better?

Sometimes recognition of the answer, (Yes or no) is immediate. You can pull back or engage further right then and there.

Other times, well, more time is needed to discover the real answer or we might need to remember our end goal, our purpose or our mission before clarity is revealed.

We our children of capitalism. We are bred to consume. It is our individual responsibility to make sure that what we consume a majority of our time is nourishing our fundamental needs and our existential passions.

This is a daily practice. Be kind to yourself and flow with your discoveries. Hugs.

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