Can You Skip A Day Of Training?

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Most of you reading this probably live in a free country. This indicates that most of you, within reason, can do whatever you want with your life.

The catch is: every decision has a consequence. Are you prepared, as an individual capable of free decision making, to be one hundred percent responsible for the compounding results of each decision you make?

Can you skip a training day? Of course.

Should you? I used to say no, never. Now I say, it depends. What's changed?


I trust myself, and I trust the people who are reading this that they actually want to use their training to be better human beings psychologically as well as physically.

If we possess this kind of passion/desire/WHY (whatever you want to label it) then the reason we are going to "skip" a training day must be of supreme importance. Something MUST have happened to take precedence over "just not feeling like it".

Because, "if you just don't feel like it", you train anyway.

If it's too late or your too tired or you didn't eat enough or you didn't sleep enough, you train anyway.

If these thoughts and ideas happen too many days in a row, THEN we can re-consider skipping a training day. A man by the name of Jocko Willink does a great job of summating this principle.

Some days you might need a break. Most days you do not. Only when you press forward through the days you feel like taking a break and don't take one will you understand the difference... and the consequences grit and discipline can compound for you.

Only THEN can you be sure that skipping a training day is the right decision, AND to skip it guilt-free. You've earned the right to understand this... and you won't skip many training days, if any, ever.

Caveat: Of course, if you do it any other way than this, and don't complain about how much others have versus what you have and are completely comfortable with your decision, I would argue that this is fine as well: you know yourself and you accept yourself. This is GOOD.

When is it a good idea to skip a training day? When you fully accept the consequences of your decision guilt-free and without victimizing your position.

Otherwise, don't skip. Hugs.

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