Are You Considering The Meritocracy?

It is easy for some of us to get caught up in our passions, dreams, desires and actions; to feel "swept away" in the well-intentioned creative exploits we have designed to "share" something or "improve" something, isn't it?

But what happens when that well-intentioned creative exploit falls flat?

What happens when it reaches deaf ears?

What happens when investments or energy runs out before it "takes off"?


Nothing happens. That's the problem, and that can be hard to understand, adapt to or deal with for the passionate creator or the demanding investor. Unless...

Unless a mindset is built that supports the inevitability of The Process.

I went bankrupt in the recession of 2008.

I over-leveraged all my assets trying to make other investments work, went all-in and lost big.

I did this because I was young, foolish, blindly passionate, and was doing something for money (I'm not that great at business) instead of doing something I loved.

Bankruptcy was a dark time for me. Very dark. I was bred for "success", I am prone to brooding, and failing so deeply crushed me bitterly.

Time is a great teacher and I eventually rose from the ashes like most people do.

When you lose everything you have, you understand that you don't want to do that again, but that you are not your "things" and that, eventually, most of business is like most of a life: a meritocracy.

If you do the right things, the right things will probably happen.

If you do the wrong things, the right things might happen but probably not and certainly not in a way that is sustainable or repeatable.

So what are the right things?

Take intelligent risks on things that make sense to you, listen to the results, and adjust or adapt accordingly.

In other words, experiment.

Experiment is play.

The ego is friendlier when we play. Critiques turn into "feedback" when we play. Awareness deepens much easier when we play. Adaptation comes sooner when we play.

Our art, our contributions, our opportunities and our passions all grow when we play.

People will tell you if they want to play your game or they want you on their team. Listen! Experiment! Adapt!

When's the last time you played? Hugs.

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