Always Ask The Winner's Question

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Life, when being LIVED, is a dynamic enterprise full of ups and downs.

Peaks and valleys are inevitable.

Instead of spending your time trying to avoid them, your time is much better spent training yourself to manage them, adapt to them and USE them!

The one question all successful people ask of themselves is this (or a version of this): "What is the purpose of the thing I am dealing with?"

If YOU do not decide what to do with what life gives you, someone else will.

It is up to you, one way or the other (not choosing is still a choice), to USE OR NOT USE that which transpires on your daily adventure for positive or negative, gratitude or bitterness, courage or hate, freedom or chains.

Decide on the meaning of your life each day.

Choose the significance and service of each interaction within your day.

Live free. Hugs.

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