Aloha Friday Episode #001. Isn't This Our Time?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Why do we celebrate "Aloha Friday" every Friday at EWP?

Is it because we like Hawaiian shirts, palm trees and beautiful places with tasty waves? 

Well... yes, that's part of it. But the whole story is this: what we are truly celebrating with Aloha Friday is "being present".

It is extremely easy to get overwhelmed with all the things we feel we MUST do to win or even just to keep things afloat in our lives. 

It's extremely easy for hard-working people to think all the work they are doing is serving their family (and it might even be true), but if your family never sees you because you work so much, it's crushing them... and you.

It's HARD for driven and passionate people, people probably just like you, to STOP MOVING.

It's HARD to take a deep breath, look around, and enjoy how far you've come.

It's HARD to keep the phone off and your mind free so you can enjoy all those little moments happening right now, in front of you, TODAY, that you're going to wish you didn't miss later.

Putting on your favorite Hawaiian shirt every Friday FORCES YOU to enjoy the simpler things, to be present, and to be grateful for everything you currently have.

It's impossible to put a comfy, flowered shirt on and not appreciate life. So do it! And let go your focus on the future for a few hours.

Let the ones you care about "in" with YOU, NOW. They will LOVE it... and they need it. So do you.



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