Adaptation, Ego, And Managing The Journey

My initial concept for The Essential Way Project was a complete failure from an external point of view.

After almost a decade in the gym business, my wife and I sold our gym and I was left with this thought of: now what?

(I like to pursue meaning, chase "the process" and share results: it is part of my personality as an "Advocate". Take your "freakishly accurate" personality test here. Knowing who you are is extremely helpful!)

We were very good at writing workout programming while we owned the gym and using that programming to create stronger people not just physically, but also (and more importantly) mentally and emotionally.

I thought I would use The Essential Way Project to create a workout training program busy adults could purchase and follow in a more "traditional" gym setting that would do the same.

It was a very good program that produced very good physical results on our test subjects.

And not one person bought it.


  • Because I was telling a story in a selfish way that no one cared about.

  • Because most people need a whole lot more than a workout program.

  • Because, outside of sport, movement is more important than training.

  • Because moving (in a way a person enjoys moving) is very personal and always evolving.

  • Because developing strong minds and strong E.Q.'s is what this is really all about for me and for the people I speak with.

In fact, I had turned down a great business opportunity with a very good friend a couple of months prior, for these same reasons: reasons I could not articulate very well at the time! I did not see this glaringly obvious parallel until I could see it!

All of these realizations forced me to either adapt or quit.

Why even consider quitting? Perspective allowed me to see that it has been my failures that finally unwrapped my true desire: to help people build strong mindsets!

Failing was actually a victory!

So what now?

The Essential Way Project adapts! We shift to our one, true focus: building strong mindsets.

With emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, self-reliance and self-awareness you can do anything.

Setting people up, internally, to succeed anywhere with anything, is an exciting, worthwhile, and noble adventure.

We just failed and got better!

If my ego was too loud or my strategy too rigid, I doubt we could have adapted and found our true mission. Can this kind of self-awareness and humility also work for you? That's what we are after: a more resilient, capable, present, and happy Self. Learn from my failures!

Look, friend:

A Way of No Way is developing here.

A Way of living, feeling, accomplishing, and enjoying.

A Way that costs nothing but the time it takes you to put your name on our email list.

Subscribe Here. Let's build great things. Welcome to The Essential Way Project 2.0! Hugs.


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