A Daily Mindset "Must Do". Plus A Challenge.

There are certain physical things we MUST do every day.

Breathing, drinking water and eating food make the rest of life possible.

And even then, the only thing that we really must do each day is breathe. (We can go for a good bit of time, albeit uncomfortable time, without water or food.)

From a mindset perspective, the one thing we must do each day to live a fulfilling life is to cultivate a positive awareness of our external environment so we can create a courageous, passionate, confident, compassionate and motivated internal Self.

The key to unlocking this "door" is simple.

The one mindset principle you must do each day, like breathing air physically, is to be grateful for something or someone somewhere.

Gratitude for the sun on your face, the incredible feat of technology in your hands, the laughter around you, the birds singing.

Gratitude for the person and companies who invented and produced rubber tires for our bikes and cars, or rubber soles for our shoes.

Gratitude for the mug or cup you held yesterday morning.

Gratitude for the incredible amount of effort, manpower and science it took to pipe hot water into your shower.

Gratitude for the day's possibilities, the opportunities in the obstacles, the people who are there for you, what the people who challenge you teach you about yourself.

Gratitude for the snuggle, nuzzle, touch, or kiss of our loved ones.

Gratitude for the working man and woman who make the world go round with unsung grit.

Gratitude for the food on the table, the table, the chairs, the floor underneath it, the roof above it, and the people or thoughts we share it with.

Gratitude for the dirt under all the stuff... the dirt we will eventually return to.

Do you see?

It is true, bad things happen every day, all day. Bad things even happen to you.

And yet, even if something is "bad", it does not mean it cannot teach you something superior, in due course, if you allow it. Ask Viktor Frankl. Ask Jocko Willink. Ask Josh Bleill. Ask Rachel Hollis. Ask ANY successful person.

Train yourself to see the good. It will create feelings within you and for the others around you that cannot possibly understand until you have earned the right to feel them.

Gratitude is necessary for joy. Good things happen every day, all day, too.

How can you cultivate gratitude? Take the #100daysofgratitude challenge.

For 100 days, use social media to your advantage, and post words, people, activities, art, thoughts, whatever, you are grateful for with the hashtag #100daysofgratitude and the day you are on.


Super grateful to tuck my baby girl into bed tonight. Watching her snuggle into her favorite blanket and holding her favorite stuffed animal brings me a presence and peace I refuse to take for granted. I must be present now... because one day it will be gone. I love her so. #100daysofgratitude Day1/100.

Performing the challenge in this manner will create the habit of gratitude and keep you accountable to cultivating it. Not to mention, the inspiration you have on others will be just as incredible as the discoveries you make for yourself.

To change the world, change yourself first. Keep leading. Hugs!

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