6 Questions To Help You FOCUS

Updated: Mar 23

We are in strange times. Do not become a stranger. Do not forget who you are.

The pandemic has affected us all in some way. It has forced us to change how we do things, look at things, relate to others, do our jobs, get our supplies, etc. It has even forced some of us to think about how we are living our lives, not just how we make our livelihoods. The situation is tough, uncomfortable and, for some, deadly. This is the reality of the moment. The question becomes then, "What can I do about it?" Resilience, critical thinking, and creativity are skills. Practicing them is a choice. Here are some questions that put these skillsets of yours in motion: 1. Why not me? Most people ask, "Why me?" Why NOT you? It has happened. Lean into it. Find solutions. 2. Who is depending on me? When you have people to take care of and live for, you grow stronger, more creative and more resilient. Who needs you at your best? 3. What's the reality of the situation and where can I find the advantage? Life gets hard. How can you make the hard parts worthwhile and more manageable? 4. What's available? What tools are laying around, what skills can you contribute, what do people need, what are other people doing, what assistance and programs are available, what phone calls can you make? 5. What am I filling my mind with?Relevant, valuable information and fear-mongering are not the same things. Reputable sources go much further than conspiracy theories and gossip. Optimism and pessimism need different foods. One is helpful, the other isn't. 6. Where can I still find joy? You must keep the light shining in your Spirit and with the people who depend on you. This doesn't mean you have to be disrespectful or unrealistic, but a bit of humor can go a long way to boost morale and create opportunity where before there was only bleakness. Stay oriented on how to win in times where things are going wrong. Be honest and realistic, remain creative, resilient and adaptable.


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