3 Uncommon Badass Bodyweight Moves To Get You Stronger & More Explosive

Your body LOVES to adapt to what you do. The more you do of something, the more your body will figure out how to do it as efficiently as possible. It will be challenged. It will grow. You will grow. Progress is awesome!

But there is a line.

At some debatable point, your body will cease making positive changes from all that repetitive motion and, as a result of becoming so efficient, cease its growth spurt. You can plateau, even regress.

The goal is to sprinkle "just enough" principled change in our training programs (and our lives) to continually grow in the focused direction we have chosen. In sports science they call this the SAID Principle or the "specific adaptation to imposed demands."

There are many ways to keep from plateauing in your workouts (and in life); and sometimes the principle is as simple as changing up the movements just a little bit.

Let's talk about 3 Uncommon Badass Bodyweight moves you can add to workout routines right now to shake things up and gain more flexibility, strength and explosiveness.

1. The Dive Bomber Push-up

Part stretch, part shoulder workout, part chest workout, part triceps workout, part core strength, the Dive Bomber Push-up is a great way to build strength and flexibility in your chest and shoulders.

Key point: Keep your chest as low as possible when you pass between your hands in both the forward and backward portions of the movement.

2. Release Your Inner Animal

There are many ways to build facets of athleticism such as flexibility, mobility, proprioception, coordination, strength and agility. Animal Walks are a fantastic way to warmup, cool down, or just plain enjoy athletic motion and get a killer workout. Here's a collection of 10 examples.

Key point: Perform these with patient, deliberate practice. Your body may struggle with some of these movements in the beginning. That's okay. Remain diligent. Have fun with these!

3. The Burpee Broad Jump

Explosive power comes from aggressive (perhaps even violent) extension or rotation of the hips. It should go without saying that in order to build explosiveness you must train explosively, but we commonly see people sell themselves way short when performing plyometrics; especially when they get tired.

Or just flat out ignoring them or forgetting them in their training program.

The burpee broad jump, when done correctly is a simple and effective plyometric movement anyone can add into their training program to build power.

Key point: Jump aggressively, land softly. Put maximum, controlled effort into your broad jumps.

Putting It All Together.

Here are three examples of how to put these movements together in a workout. Please be sure to warmup and cool down properly.

Workout 1:

A. Pick 3 Animal Walks. Perform each Animal Walk for 3 sets of 3 walks forward and backward at distance of choice. Example:

3 sets of:

Tiger Crouch x3

Scorpion Walk x3

Bear to Crab Roll x 3 to the right + 3 to the left

Rest 1 minute

B. 4 sets of:

5-10 Dive Bomber Push-ups, 5 count tempo forward + 5 count tempo backward.

Rest 30 seconds between sets

C. Each Minute On The Minute for 10 to 12 minutes

3 burpee broad jumps for maximum explosive extension on each repetition

Workout 2:

In a Circuit format:

6-10 sets of:

Station 1: Animal Walk of choice at distance of choice, forward + backward x3

Station 2: Max burpee broad jumps in 30 seconds/rest 30 seconds

Station 3: Max Dive Bomber Push-ups in 30s/rest 30s

Workout 3:

As many sets as possible in 15-20 minutes of:

3 Burpee Broad Jumps

4 Animals Walks, down and back

5 Dive Bomber Push-ups


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