3 Issues With Those "Wonderful" Opportunities

Wonderful opportunities that come our way are hard to fully consider at times.

Emotions and passions can run high.

Endorphins can jump off the charts and our systems can flood with dopamine.

Wonderful opportunities can feel well... wonderful! But does that mean they are wonderful?

Have your feelings always treated you fairly and honestly?

We must not be the person that only considers things cautiously once the mistakes we have made become apparent. We are Leaders. Leaders cannot afford to do this.

Nor can Leaders afford to overthink everything that comes in their Path and miss the actual wonderful opportunities that come our way.

So, what to do?

1. Listen to your gut and run the data. What do you want out of this wonderful opportunity? Does it fit with your principles? Will it be sustainable? Is this the right time? Do the intangible qualities that make up you fit with this opportunity? What will you do if it doesn't work? What will you do if it takes off and you're not onboard?

2. Say yes to everything in the beginning. That's right! When you're new, don't say no (unless it does not sit with your ethics and principles). Say yes! Go! See! Experiment intelligently! Learn! Only then can you know the difference between a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful opportunity that works for you! We do not fail when we experiment, we only learn what doesn't work for us or for the mission!

3. Know yourself. Self-awareness is the hardest and most important of these. You cannot answer any questions truthfully or learn anything important if you are not consistently mindful about how things affect you or how you should apply them to your next move. To lead well you must constantly work at knowing yourself. There is no other way around it. Practice self-awareness daily with this question: "Is what I am about to do helpful?" Be forgiving and patient.

Some wonderful opportunities aren't meant for us, friend. And that's okay.

A mindful and grateful person is surrounded by wonder, and opportunity. Stay the course. Stay gold.

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