10 Keys To Health And Success

Being healthy, well, and of benefit to others has rules. The more you key in on the rules, the more you understand their importance.

Here they are:

1. Take care of yourself. If you break, we lose. Eat, sleep, and train like an athlete.

2. Be early. You'll be less stressed than everyone else... and probably more prepared.

3. Know your job. Whatever it is that you are in charge of, know it and perform it to the best of your ability.

4. Be reliable. If you say you are going to do it, do it. No exceptions.

5. Admit problems, seek solutions. This takes self-awareness, humility and moxie.

6. Be durable. Life is going to knock you on your ass. Get up. No exceptions.

7. Take care of the person next to you.* They'll follow your lead. So will karma.

8. Consistency, not perfection. Just. Be. Consistent. If you are consistent, perfection will eventually show up.

9. If it's worth it, there are no shortcuts. Hacks are for amateurs. Be surgical.

10. Be grateful. Do you recognize the practically impossible nature of your existence? Be thankful.

Practice. Practice. Practice. We talking about practice?



*It is not your responsibility to take care of everyone, solve all the world's problems, take in every stray, or put your well-being at risk to take care of lost, delinquent, disagreeable or savage people. Simply default to intelligent kindness a majority of the time.


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