Healthy Habits


Imagine a simple way to create health, wellness and vitality!
(And get your workouts, nutrition guidance, supplements and personal development coaching all in ONE place every single day!)

Let us show you how simple it is...

The Healthy Habits Masterclass is your step-by-step online guide to building fitness, diet and personal development habits in just 6 weeks... without needing to hire a personal trainer, nutritionist AND a life coach to get it all accomplished!

Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed When Trying to Improve Yourself?

You know what I'm talking about.

You get an idea to be better...

You have the idea...

You see the vision...

You know exactly what you have to do...

You know how this NEW BEST YOU will change everything...

And then...

You're Stuck

"They" got you...

You don't know what to eat.

You don't know how to workout.

You don't know the practical way to build a stronger mindset.

It's like you're being held hostage by a bunch of gurus in the wellness industry... AND the money trap of having to pay way too much money for something you don't even know will work or not... 

And yet, somehow, things you think should be SO simple... things that should only take a little bit of time each day...

Somehow become confusing things you cannot sustain.

With each missed workout, diet slip, or mental lapse your vision gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it's gone...

Money wasted... time wasted... with little or nothing to show for it.

Sadly, This Is Where Most People's Hope And Vision For Their NEW Self Dies

Somewhere between the "idea"... and a bunch of different gurus' abilities to help you create a practical and sustainable method for physical, mental and spiritual success.


...And Use The Healthy Habits Masterclass To Get Everything You Need All In ONE Place!

EVERYTHING You Need To Build Lasting Health, Wellness And Vitality In Just 6 Short Weeks!

With just a little bit of focused guidance and incredible community support, you can have your NEW YOU up AND CRUSHING IT in as little as 6 weeks!

Before The Healthy Habits Masterclass, if you wanted a fitness program, nutrition guidance, supplement advice and personal development coaching you had to PIECE together every element yourself (or hire a bunch of "experts" for thousands of dollars!)

  • Find a trainer to give you all the workouts

  • Hire a nutrition expert or experiment with the latest fad

  • Spend massive amounts of time Googling information (and never knowing if it's good information or just another sales pitch)

  • Try different supplements... and never know if they are actually healthy or doing what they said they would do

  • Figure out how to apply all these things to the larger (and super important) facets of your life

And after all that was finished?

You still had to hope it would "stick" and hope all your hard work would survive when life got a little crazy or the program/challenge/cleanse ended.

Nobody Wants To DEAL With All These Moving Parts and Pieces!

With The Healthy Habits Masterclass everything you need to build your BEST NEW SELF is pre-developed and automatically pieced together FOR you so you have a seamless, fast, flexible and supportive set up.

Here's How The Healthy Habits Masterclass Works...

STEP #1:

Follow A SPECIFIC Set of Principles


As you think, you become. Optimism, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, grit, gratitude and positivity can all be developed with study and practice. 


Whole foods and whole food supplements give your body the nutrients and digestive support in needs to thrive. 


Regularly active bodies create strength, focus, confidence, awareness, and lower levels of stress. 


Consistent, quality rest can improve mood and give your mind, body, and Spirit the ability to repair and renew. 


Reducing your synthetic exposure can help you look vibrant, feel Well and stay focused. 


Create the habit of using natural solutions as your first line of defense. 


Developing a relationship with trusted medical professionals allows you to be proactive instead of reactive about necessary medical care. 

Each Of These 7 Principles Are Simple To Follow (And Integrated WITH Each Other) In The Healthy Habits Masterclass

Get your supplements and follow the the Healthy Habits Masterclass with the group.

Track your progress with weekly Accountability Reports and check-ins.

Watch your NEW Self flourish in a supportive community full of like-minded people.

You will INSTANTLY be set up with the program you need to integrate EVERYTHING into one guided program.

STEP #2:

Adjust The Masterclass To Be Exactly The Way You Want! (You're not a cookie, STOP following cookie-cutter programs.)

You've got the framework and the template in place...

Now it's time to make the program look how you want.

Now that you have your program, you can flex, re-position, and focus on any information you want inside the Healthy Habits Masterclass.

Want To Change Something In Your Healthy Habits Masterclass?


We keep nutrition SIMPLE, HONEST, and HELPFUL. But if you have a SPECIFIC diet that works for you and your goals: KEEP IT! 


We provide 2 daily movement options you can pick from: A Strength & Conditioning option and a Bodyweight Bootcamp option. Got something else you like to do? Do it! 


We're talking about your LIFE! It's serious, but taking the matter too seriously is not recommended. The more fun we have together, the more things we learn together. Be open! Be playful! Personal development is supposed to be EXCITING! 


We bring experts to you! It's like having a Wolfpack from "The Hangover" without all the alcohol. The power of the Healthy Habits Masterclass is its years of experience, supportive community, and open-mindedness to diversity. In this way YOU decide for YOURSELF what is best so it STICKS! 

The Healthy Habits Masterclass Allows You To Quickly Get Going On YOUR Terms... While Giving You The Freedom To Explore New Options However You Want!

??? "Do I HAVE TO Customize My Masterclass?"

NOPE. Not at all (but it's built into the Masterclass as an option if you're into that sort of thing).😉

STEP #3:

TRACK Your Progress And Stay Accountable With The Healthy Habits Masterclass Accountability Tracker

The Healthy Habits Masterclass gives you the best of both worlds- you have the freedom to make the program your own without worrying about the tedious structure you need to stay focused, on task and consistent.

It's SIMPLE...

Fill out the Data Zones in your Accountability Tracker and turn it in each week, compare your data against the weekly group average, AND, if your Accountability Tracker is fully completed each week, go into the weekly raffle to win A PRIZE!

In just 6 short weeks your habits will transform into the actions that create your unique and NEW you!

STEP #4:

Build Actions THAT LAST Once Your Healthy Habits Masterclass Is Complete And STAY Connected With Your New Community!

Most people slip back into their "old ways" once these programs finish. That doesn't have to be you!

Keep going with us if you'd like or just be happy in knowing this:

The Healthy Habits Masterclass builds REAL change because it is designed, as James Clear writes in his bestselling book Atomic Habits, on the following critical concept:

"It's hard to change your habits if you never change the underlying beliefs that led to your past behavior."

Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are

Winning Huge With The Healthy Habits Masterclass?

Just ask Brett B. how it went:

"I have not had to work on my business during this time to see improvement. New habits and energy gained from working on myself has flooded into my work. I have been more efficient and effective and all I have done is focus on improving myself. Many people think of the word “selfishness” in a negative light. I would argue that we are not selfish enough. Personally, I am going to try and continue to focus more and more on me. This is the only way I can have the impact I want to have on others."

Or Lucie P.

"I did this 6 weeks concentrating mostly on nutrition and I can say I did survive on a lot lower sugar intake that I didn’t believe I could. :) That’s a win for me personally. Trying to get the 10 minute personal development and the outside time has been difficult on some days but if I get to it, my day is so much better and that makes the day also better for my kids who don’t get the not so nice mom as often ... lol"

Or Lynn P.

"What great information. Totally awesome what improvements show up when using oils!"

***Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of The Healthy Habits Masterclass. Your results will vary depending on your effort, commitment and other forces beyond our control.***

As You Can See... The Healthy Habits Masterclass Has Already Helped Bold And Brave People Create THEIR New Self... The Question Is,

Are YOU Next?


We've tried to give you EVERY reason to say YES, but now it's YOUR choice.

So which one's it gonna' be?

If you want to choose a life of Health, Wellness and Vitality... we are giving you the incredibly simple, easy, cheap, and quick way to set yourself up for a LIFETIME of few worries and lots of fun.

Make no mistake. Your decision whether or not to take the Masterclass does not effect us or our lifestyle one bit.

If You Do Nothing...


We won't live any differently than we do now. Our life won't change a lick if you decide against coming onboard with this next Masterclass.

But... YOUR life could change dramatically when you take this rare opportunity to start something special with us- and get everything you need to become the person you WANT to be.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

You've already paid your dues in life, now it's YOUR TIME to get the payback!

Time Is Of The Essence...

If you've made it this far, you've already taken a massive step forward.

The next step?


And action is the clear line that separates the winners from the losers.

Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers, wishers, and the hopeful.


  - Anyone can say they want health.

  - Anyone can set personal development goals.

  - Anyone can dream of the body they want.


But the rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not talk about doing something.


You can elect to grab the recipe for lasting, honest vitality within your reach now, or continue living your life as usual.

The choice is clear, isn't it?

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Actually we do!

If you're not satisfied in the first two weeks of the program, simply box up the remainder of your supplements, ship them back to us, and we will refund ALL of your money.

Yep. A 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied in the first 14 days of the program.

Why? Because we stand by what we do and we hate excuses.

So, Are You Excited About The Healthy Habits Masterclass Yet?

If So, Then NOW Is The Time To Take Action!


The Healthy Habits Masterclass BEGINS on: January 27, 2020

Registration DEADLINE is MIDNIGHT on January 25, 2020


Here's What You'll Get Today

When You Join The Healthy Habits Masterclass!

11 all natural supplements from the only essential oil company in the world to third party test its products and let YOU see the results ($487 Value)

6 weeks of whole food-based nutrition guidance, support, and recipes in a simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated manner ($299 Value)

6 weeks of workout programming with TWO different training options and scaling suggestions in its own app ($99 Value)

A weekly Accountability Tracker with Data Zones and behavioral strategies that keep you focused, committed and motivated (Priceless...)

Daily work on addressing the mindset, the behaviors, and dependency on synthetics to create lasting success long after the Masterclass has ended ($149 Value)

A community of hungry, driven people like you to lean on for support, sharing, inspiration and camaraderie (Priceless...)

Guest speakers, weekly LIVE Q&A's and PRIZES to help you stay consistent, engaged, and energized (Priceless...)


Get Started Today For:


The Healthy Habits Masterclass BEGINS on: January 27, 2020

Registration DEADLINE is MIDNIGHT on January 25, 2020


From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button and we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Dayna, Craig, & Frankie

P.S. 6 weeks from now you can be nothing more than 6 weeks older or soaring with your new habits, new energy and NEW Self. You choose.

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

1. Are there any hidden fees?

No! The price reflects a fantastic deal because sometimes that's the last push or inspiration we often need to take the leap we've been longing for, isn't it? BONUS: AN annual membership to doTERRA is also reflected in the "as is" price of the Healthy Habits Masterclass to ensure you pay the least amount for your vitamins, supplements and oils right now AND for the next year should you choose to continue.

2. Do I have to install anything?

To get the full benefit of the program you will want a Facebook page, YouTube access, an email address, and, if you choose to do the workouts we have programmed for the Healthy Habits Masterclass, to download our free training app to your phone.

3. If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! Us! We don't have a support staff or a hotline. You have us. Have a question? Just ask!

4. Are the supplements safe?

doTERRA is the only essential oil company in the world to third party test their products and let YOU see the results. Learn more about their Source To You program here. There are no long ingredient lists full of strange words you cannot pronounce. These are all natural, plant-based, certified pure-therapeutic grade, vitamins and oils. The Healthy Habits Masterclass teaches you how to safely and optimally use all 11 supplements that you receive.

5. Are the workouts safe?

Are YOU operating safely? If so, then absolutely yes. As with all things of this nature, we encourage to check with a trusted medical professional before beginning and be intelligently responsible for yourself at all times. The Healthy Habits Masterclass does not assume responsibility for any issues that may arise during this program.

6. If I don't like The Healthy Habits Masterclass, how do I cancel?

Simply inform us via email to of your intent to cancel and mail back all of your unused supplements within 14 days of the start day of the program to THE ADDRESS WE WILL PROVIDE YOU IN YOUR EMAIL RESPONSE, and you will receive a FULL REFUND of your money.

The Healthy Habits Masterclass BEGINS on: January 27, 2020

Registration DEADLINE is MIDNIGHT on January 25, 2020


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