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You're busy but you don't feel productive.


You're on a diet but nothing feels different.


You're trying to be fit but you don't feel well.


You're working hard but something's still not right.

You're a good person.


You're trying really hard to be an even better person.


And you can't figure out what's right (for you), who to trust, where to turn or how to gain more progress, confidence and energy.

If that's you, take a huuuge, deep, healthy relaxing breath. (Didn't that feel incredible!!?)


Two things:

1. Most people are like you, too

2. You've come to the right place for help! 

(That's gotta feel pretty incredible, too!)

Keep going...

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What's The Wellness Groove?

The Wellness Groove is a fitness, nutrition and mindset resource for people who understand that to be Well, to have "Wellness", all of these components are interdependent on each other, not independent of one another.

We have tons of free content to keep you humming along.


We have a growing group full of good people like you (trolls are tossed, victims are triaged, energy vampires are extinguished) who come together to support one another.

We have a weekly newsletter to inspire you to think deeper and more critically. You should subscribe below!

We sell coaching programs, books, talks, and certified pure, therapeutic grade, third-party tested essential oils and vitamins.


We work with you to piece all these things to together as you need them so you can get on the Path (or back on the Path) to true, sustainable vitality.

We're motivational, which is nice.


We're honest, which is a relief.


We're empowering, which is necessary.

The Wellness Groove is about learning the notes to confidence, joy, gratitude and self-reliance.


A Groovie has got it going on. Groovies never say die. So come on, get in The Groove!



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